Tenotec (established 1976) is one of Norway's largest supplier of personal respiratory protection.
The company is privately owned and works exclusively with technical PPE (protective equipment) air supplied respiratory systems and other respiratory protection.


We can provide technical protective equipment, air supplied respiratory systems and other respiratory protection.

This principle has been given many names over the years. Fresh air masks, air masks, overpressure masks, free-flow masks and battery masks go back as a popular common name in Norway.

The technical designation of the systems is PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) and SAR (Supplied air respirator).

Common to all of them is the importance of supplying airflow of purified air through a battery-powered fan module with a filter or compressed air control valve from a compressor. These solutions increases both the comfort and safety of the user and has high certification requirements to reach the market. 


We are a third-party competence center that represents several skilled PAPR (powered air-purifying respirators) and SAR (Supplied air respirator). We at Tenotec have chosen to specialize in these systems, and we have been doing this for over 40 years. In addition, we are an approved service and warranty partner for most of our suppliers.


Over the years, our crew and products have renewed, but our basic philosophy is still the same.

"We protect users exposed to harmful exposures in their daily work by delivering the best knowledge along with the best qualified products."

"We are committed to inform, preventing and ensuring as opposed to meeting the documented impacts that may come from different respiratory exposures."


Our employees are highly skilled and dedicated people who serve a very exciting market area.

Our expertise with our local distribution team makes us the unique partner.

We are located at Forus just outside Stavanger.

Forus is strategically well located with short distances to the two closest citys of Sandnes and Stavanger.

Short distance to Stavanger Airport which has several national and international departures.


In order to deliver products and services with the best quality and long durability, it is essential that we work with the best manufacturers in the industry. Here you will find an overview of our trademarks and partners.