POWERCAP® ACTIVE 8t Komplett Inkl. filter

POWERCAP® ACTIVE 8t Komplett Inkl. filter


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POWERCAP® ACTIVE 8t Komplett Inkl. filter

Varenummer: TT18691

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PowerCap® Active™ is a lightweight, firm fitting, ergonomically designed positive pressure respirator, designed to protect the user from dust and most airborne particulate pollutants to EN12949+A2 TH1P.

PowerCap® Active™ excels in very dusty environments within light industry (machining and milling), agriculture (livestock, poultry farming, grain silos), landscaping, and food processing, with the faceshield offering added protection against flying particles. PowerCap® Active™ is a unique alternative to disposable masks, giving improved comfort, safety and efficiency to the wearer.

Powered Air
Protection to EN12941+A2 TH1P gives a cooling, comfortable supply of filtered air at 160 litres per minute eliminating breathing resistance and visor misting.

Bump Cap Head Protection
The cap uses JSP Hardcap A1+™ bump cap technology, exceeding the A1 version of EN812. The cap is also easily removable and machine washable for hygiene purposes.

Impact Eye & Face Protection
Eye and face impact protection to EN166 1B, ideal for working in environments where there is a danger of flying particles - peel-off covers available.

Easy To Use Charging Dock
Each battery lasts 8 hours, one can be charged whilst the other is in use. The battery can also be charged whilst still attached to the cap, and the whole unit can be conveniently sat in the charging dock, ideal for overnight charging.

Powercap® Active™ IP incorporating bump cap protection and impact faceshield. Complete with faceshield, two TH1P filters, one battery pack, and one charging dock. Conforms to EN 166, EN812+A1, EN12941+A2 TH1P.

Technical information
Material Bomull, ABS
Weight ca 500 grams (incl battery and filter)
Filter type TH1 P2
Approvals PowerCap Active: EN12941+A2 TH1P. PowerCap Active IP: EN 166, EN812+A1, EN12941+A2 TH1PNotified Body :
Notified Body
Air flow 160lpm
Warning system No
Battery Litium
Operation time 8 hrs

Limitations for use

  • Do not use in confined spaces or places with a oxygen level <19%.
  • Only for dust. Do not use for protection against gases and other contaminations.
  • Please be sure to read and keep the attached user manual. This contains important information about maintance.


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