European certification / standards

Health risks in the workplace is a major concern for both employers and employees. It is important to remember that some concentrations represent only health risk when they come in contact with your body. You can in other words avoid risk by eliminating or preventing contact.

Hazardous materials absorbed into the body in three ways:

• INGESTION - through the mouth
• ABSORPTION - through the skin, eyes
• INHALATION- through the lungs

The most common type of exposure for most health hazards are inhalation. This involves breathing in dust, fumes, oil mist, fumes from solvents and other various gases. To protect from this type of exposure you must either eliminate or prevent with different types of systems according to the wishes or comfort. Tenotec AS has 40 years experience in technical respirators and equipment covering most exposure types whether we are talking about dust, fumes, oil mist, fumes from solvents or other types of gases.