Approved service center for cleaning and disinfecting textile and leather


A product that is in continuous use will eventually become more and more dirty and unhygienic. Our products are of high quality and by using our service program you will be able to get  your PPE products cleaned and disinfected.

We have state-of-the-art equipment for cleaning and disinfecting textile and leather material.


It is a known challenge for many companies and users that personal protective equipment is used without needed inspection, cleaning and maintenance that can lead to significant costs for the company as the lifetime of the product will decrease and  in the end it may become a burden for the company. At worst, systems are thrown away unnecessarily because you simply lose confidence in the equipments ability to protect.

A personal protective equipment must be inspected before each use. We also recommend that personal equipment are to be delivered for inspection, cleaning and service once a year. If the equipment is new and it is delivered for inspection after the first year, the warranty period will often be extended by another year. Several of the manufacturers extend the warranty for up to three years, provided that annual inspection is done. 


We have prepared internal checklists for the control of powered air and pressure respiratory device systems and the various headsets adapted to these.
In addition, we have developed our own checklists in cooperation with customers.

Feel free to contact us for an offer on your equipment.