Periodic air analysis from compressor or air cylinder according to EN12021


In order for the air from the compressor to be safe to breathe, it must meet the requirements of the standard "EN 12021". Here it is stated that "The air from the compressor or supply panel is to be regularly checked for CO, CO2, oil and water content by a person who has the necessary knowledge of this."

In practice, this means that air analysis is carried out frequently and we recomend once a year. Several companies do the air analysis even often, preferably every six months.

When we perform air analysis, we check that the air meets the following requirements (EN 12021 and Regulation 706)

Oxygen: Must be within +/- 0.5% cf. 21%

Oil content: Do not exceed 0,5 mg / m3

Carbon dioxide: Do not exceed 500 ppm

Carbon monoxide: Do not exceed 10 ppm

Air humidity in filling facilities 25 mg / m3 for anything above 70 bar, 35 mg / m3 for air cylinders

Odor and taste: Must not be present

We provide periodic air analysis of breathing air systems from compressor. In addition to analyzing values such as Co2, Co and Humidity, we also take an oil sample from the air.

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